Ideal for calves up to 10-weeks old
Poly Deluxe SL Hutch featuring left side feed door
Poly Deluxe SL Hutch featuring right side feed door


  • "Stay-Open Side Door" – Locks into place when opened
  • Snow-white poly reflects sun's heat but still provides a bright interior
  • Comes standard with two pails and pail manger
  • Top roof vent and two rear bottom rotary vents
  • All-in-1 Rear Door
  • 10-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
Poly Deluxe SL Hutch featuring all-in-one rear door

All-in-1 Rear Door
Airflow is critical for calf health. The new All-in-1 Rear Door improves upon the previous 3-in-1 door.

  • Increased air flow capacity by 82%
  • 30% more access for bedding and feed
  • Easy to open & close rear flap
  • Door swings out of way (can be left open)

New Larger Opening for Bedding & Feed

Poly Deluxe SL Hutch featuring larger opening for bedding and feed
  • Door closes for complete weather protection
  • Lift metal sliding latch to lower door cover and increase ventilation
  • Vertical ribs provide calf safety and durability
  • New larger 21" opening makes for easier access to rear of hutch

Stay-Open Side Door

Poly Deluxe SL Hutch featuring stay-open side door
  • Group Hutches side-by-side for faster feeding
  • Alternate right-or-left side doors to reduce walking between hutches by up to 50%
  • Side door is larger for easier access – wind won’t blow open closed door
Poly Deluxe SL Hutch featuring splash guard

The Only Manger with Splash Guard

  • Pail stoppers keep calves from knocking out pails
  • Splash guard helps keep feed dry and water clean
  • Manger bolts to inside wall, you choose location – side feed door or rear door

Standard Top Vent Provides More Airflow for Your Calves


Exposed View

Poly Deluxe SL Hutch featuring top vent - exposed view

Slides Open and Closes

Poly Deluxe SL Hutch featuring top vent - slides open and closes
Poly Deluxe SL Hutch being cleaned

Easy to Clean

  • Non-absorbent – won't harbor nor promote bacterial growth (unlike wood)
  • Seamless – no cracks for wastes to settle in nor weather to creep through
  • Easier to sanitize – dirt quickly washes off


  • Material: Thicker-walled, virgin poly (no need for steel-frame around bottom)
  • Overall size: 47.5" x 84.5"L x 53.5"H
  • Weight (approx.): 90 lbs.