Double Duty Housing for Paired Calves

For Paired Calves up to 8 Weeks

Dual XL Hutch Image 2
Dual XL Hutch Image 3

Dual XL hutch balances cost-effectiveness and growth efficiency using a companionship platform. With a larger inside growing area, the Dual XL Hutch supplies space to allow calves to comingle at an early age. Pairing two calves in one hutch promotes companionship and competitiveness, which research has shown helps achieve optimal growth. Efficient growth = positive ROI.

Dual XL Hutch Features

  • Molded from super strong, heavy gauge plastic
  • Completely opaque
  • Comes with 2 side doors for bedding or feeding (front or back position)
  • Comes with 2 double pail holders and 4 pails
  • Includes: top vent, 3-in-one rear door, 3 bottom airflow vents


Hutch Outside Dimensions – AGRI-1047:

98” L x 78” W x 58” H

Hutch Inside Dimensions:

89” L x 74” W x 57” H


160 lbs.


2 Side Doors, 4 Pails, 2 Double Pail Holders, Top Vent, Rear 3-In-1 Door, and 3 Bottom Airflow Vents. 2 Optional Top Airflow Vents available. For Side Doors, choose from Front or Rear Position.