Neck Strap with chain, 58" tether cable & roof eye-bolts
  • Preferred vs fence
    • Easier access for cleaning
    • Avoids snow drifts created by fences
    • More contact with calves... easier to train show animals and heifers
    • Lower cost... faster to set up, move & store
  • Sturdy chain (4'L with 3/16" thick links) glides along length of metal cable. Cable is mounted under center ridge of roof, using a 3/8" x 2-1/2" eyebolt (furnished), on each end. Eye-bolts can also be used for lifting hutch.


2 or 3-quart, poly bottle with soft rubber nipple

Bottle holder

Hay feeder with door

Sturdy, poly construction. Bolts to inside side wall of hutch toward rear— includes side door & latch, plus 3/8" dia. solid-aluminum hinge pin (access opening will need to be cut in side wall)

Bedding door

Extra, side door for adding bedding. Usually installed toward rear of hutch. Includes side door & latch, plus 3/8" dia. solid aluminum hinge pin (access opening will need to be cut in side wall)

Front Enlosure

  • Keeps calves in hutch
  • Permits front feeding
  • Includes: 2-PVC tubes
    (1-1/4" OD dia.) & 2-bungie straps

Fence attachment hardware

Includes two rods (1/2" galv. tube) plus four eyebolts (3/8" x 2-1/2" and 1-1/2") with nuts and washers

Storm door

Storm Door Install

  • For very cold/windy climates
  • Protects calves
  • Eliminates shoveling snow out of hutch
  • Sturdy, poly construction
  • Quickly installed or removed