Wider — Longer — Taller — Heavier!
For Healthier, Faster-Growing, More Comfortable Calves
  • Snow-white-poly reflects sun’s heat. Completely opaque — stops sun’s heat & UV rays from entering the hutch. Brighter interior.
  • Advanced Design
  • Special Vent System
  • 10-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
What Makes the Deluxe EXL Hutch™ Better?
  • Roomiest interior of any single-calf hutch on the market
    (overall dimensions: 62"W x 98"L x 55"H)
    • More distance between calf and heat-drawing walls... helps maintain the critical "comfort zone" (50-55° F) immediately surrounding calf
    • Better protection from wind, rain and snow... rear of hutch stays warmer on cold days
    • Usable for longer growth periods (extra-tall 36" high entry door)
    • Wider hutch provides extra stability
  • Heaviest single-calf hutch you can buy (approx. 138 lbs.)
    • Resists movement from wind gusts or larger calves
    • No hard-to-clean steel-tube frame around bottom required (avoids problems of manure hang-up or frame damage from skid steer)
  • Longer, ten-year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • More "standard" features... including left or right-side feed doors; inside manger with built-in double-pail holder and splash guard; two 8 qt. pails; two built-in bottle holders;top vent; 2-rear vents; and new, industry-exclusive, 3-in-One, swing-up, vented-rear feed & bed door.

Thicker-walled, virgin poly (no need for steel-frame around bottom)

Overall size:

62"W x 98"L x 55"H

Weight (approx):

138 lbs

Don't make the mistake of buying a smaller, lightweight calf hutch, with less features; when you can have a Poly Deluxe EXL HUTCH™ for about the same investment!