Take full advantage of all the benefits that pair-raising calves has to offer with the Buddy Hutch System. Studies have shown that pair-raising calves can lead to reduced weaning distress, faster weight gain, promotion of solid feed intake, increased socialization and minimized cross-suckling.

The easy to remove center panel allows the operator to choose when they want to pair their calves together. The multi-position awning provides shade and protection from the elements. The optional Weather Cover Extension telescopes out and covers the entire door opening.


  • Multi-Position Awning with Optional Weather Cover
  • Bi-Swing Doors and Secure Slam Latch
  • Removable Interior Center Fence Panel
  • Truly Opaque
  • Swing-Up Rear Door
  • Rear Grid Guard
  • One-Piece Construction
  • Ridge and Rear Rotary Ventilation
  • Optional Side Door Hay Feeder


Hutch Outside Dimensions - AGRI-4060:
106" L x 90" W x 79" H Includes: Buddy Hutch, Interior Center Fence Panel, Awning, 4 Pail Rings and 4 Pails

Hutch Inside Dimensions:
100" L x 81" W x 75" H

Awning Dimensions:
53.25" L x 23.5" W

Weather Cover Extension - AGRI-4077:
52.25" L x 19" W

Doors swing both in and out
Remove center panel to group calves