Longer — Taller — Heavier!
Holds 4-6 Weaned Calves
  • Snow-white-poly reflects sun's heat. Completely opaque — stops sun's heat & UV rays from entering the hutch. Brighter interior.
  • Group Hutches™ avoid the setbacks in weight and health that often occur from direct transfer to a large herd.
  • 10-year manufacturer's limited warranty.
NEW... Superior ventilation design... larger front vent and rear, rotary-top-vent; plus exclusive, sliding-grill-vents in rear doors for maximum ventilation
NEW... industry-exclusive, swing-up, bedding doors... for easier bedding thru rear of group hutch
  • Largest, one-piece-molded group hutch you can buy... Overall size: 106" W x 89" L x 79" H Weight: 250 lbs.
  • Entire group hutch and poly-skid-frame molded together in one piece... no rivets to break loose nor pull apart
  • Easier access to food and water... for less stress... faster growth
  • Thick walled... not thin nor flimsy like some other brands
  • Opaque, virgin poly with UV blocker prevents major temperature swings
Number-one choice for large group calf housing