Thicker-Wall Poly... 10-Year Warranty!
Reflects Sun's Heat — Stops UV Rays

Single-Calf Hutches

Deluxe Standard or Deluxe Large

  • Roomiest single-calf hutch
    (62"W x 98"L x 55"H)
  • Heaviest you can buy
    (aprrox 138 lbs.)
  • Advanced design —economically priced!
  • Special ventilation system
  • 3-In-One rear door.
    Vent ... bed ... feed
  • Designed to save labor costs
  • Efficient way to raise calves
  • Panel made 1/4" diameter hot-dipped steel
  • Wire Panel Measures 42"H x 72"D x 48"W


  • Holds 4-6 weaned calves
  • Largest, one-piece-molded hutch
    (106"W x 89"L x 79"H). No rivets to pull apart.
  • Thicker walled — approx. 250 lbs. of plastic
  • Exclusive, swing-up, rear bedding doors


  • Removable center panel for pairing calves
  • Easy to open front gates
  • Awning with optional weather cover extension to protect against weather

  • Fits 2 or 3 calves
  • Placed directly on ground or elevated skid
  • Single motion rear control vent

#1 in Calf Comfort
Don't make the mistake of buying a smaller, lightweight calf hutch, with less features... when you can have a LOYAL CALF HUTCH™ for less money!