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Calf Hutch


DryZone Slatted Floor

For Indoor Pens or Outdoor Flex Hutches

Introducing the Dryzone Slatted Floor. This robust and durable flooring solution enhances calf welfare by providing better airflow and maintaining a clean and dry environment for calves.

  • Modular slatted platform for floor plan flexibility
  • Enhances animal welfare – Reduces bedding consumption
  • Textured surface for traction
  • Optional Quick-Lock Legs elevate platform for optimal drainage and air flow
  • Optional brackets to ensure pens or flex hutch stay aligned on floor

4' Dryzone Slatted Floor: AGRI-8009

  • Dimensions: 4' L x 2' W x 1.625" H
  • Weight: 14 lbs.

8' Dryzone Slatted Floor: AGRI-8008

  • Dimensions: 8' L x 2' W x 1.625" H
  • Weight: 28 lbs.

Feeding Options

Universal Grain Feeder

This high-capacity grain feeder features an adjustable feed control plat for precise feeding. The bottom bracket is designed with multiple holes and includes a slotted option tailored to your mounting preferences, making it superior in accommodating various opening sizes and mounting scenarios compared to other feeders. Featuring composite construction, blending metal and plastic, ensures maximum capacity while maintaining exceptional durability even in demanding farm environments. Holds 33 lbs. of grain.

  • Highest capacity feeder available holds up to 33 lbs. of grain
  • Adjustable internal feed control plate for precise feeding
  • Versatile upper & lower brackets ensure the feeder remains in place, suitable for various hanging scenarios
  • Ideal for tough farm conditions

Universal Grain Feeder: AGRI-2444

  • Dimensions: 8.75" W x 25.625" H x 12.5" D
  • Weight: 10 lbs.

8 Qt. Pail


Smooth interior for easy access and cleaning. Included with wire handle.

Starter Bowl


Extended lip edge helps keep bowl secure in the ring. Smooth bottom for easy access and cleaning.

Weather Cover


Help keep moisture out of your calves’ pails. Comes with 1 bungee holder.

Confinement Options

Tether Cable Kit

AGRI-1017 & AGRI-2017

Includes Cable, Chain with Swivel-Eye Snap Hook, Neck Strap, 2 Eye Bolts, 2 Nuts and 4 Washers.

HD Front Panel


A more robust option for fencing. Includes 2 pail rings.

Storm Door

H-A7 & DSA7

Protect your calves from the elements with this snap in door.

Front PVC Pipe

H-A9 or DSA6

Keep calves inside their hutches with this PVC Pipe kit.

Easy Front Feeding


Swinging front door for EXL and SL Calf Hutches.

Includes Pail Rings

Fence Attachment Hardware


Includes two rods plus four eyebolts and nuts and washers.

Fence With Cutout


6" grid wire fence with 2 side-by-side openings.

Fence Without Cutout


6" grid wire fence with no openings, solid grid fence.

Group & Buddy Hutch Options

Standard Transition Pen System

For calves 6-20 weeks old

This system includes tough aluminum gate panels and front door. Easy to assemble with pins at each corner. Troughs sold separately.

  • Dimensions: 192" L x 108" W
  • Weight: 200 lbs.

XL Transition Pen System

For calves 6-20 weeks old

Same great features as the Standard Pen System but 30" wider giving you an extra 480 sq. ft. Troughs sold separately.

  • Dimensions: 192" L x 138" W
  • Weight: 225 lbs.

Weather Cover Extension


Awning for the Buddy Hutch. When fully extend awning will rest on top of the pails.

Center Divider Gate


Metal Divider gate slides in and out. No hardware required.

Hook Over Trough


UV stabilized trough has a 34 qt. capacity. Designed to fit on most fence rails.

  • Dimensions: 31.5" x 14.2" x 8.7"

XL Transition Pen System


Attaches to the top of the Group Hutch or Buddy Hutch. Designed to allow easy movement of hutch with skid steer or tractor fork.

Ultra Flex Pen Accessories

Group Housing Crossbar

AGRI-7113, AGRI-7114, AGRI-7115

Back Wall Mount


Double-Sided Hay Feeder


Back to Back Bracket


Bottles & Holders

2, 3, 4 Qt. Bottles

AGRI-1070, AGRI-1071, AGRI-1074

Ultra Removable Wire Bottle Holder

(For Plastic Ultra Flex-Pen)

Wire Bottle Holder

(For Flex Hutch & Open-Air Flex-Pen)

Fence Mount Bottle Holder



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