Neck strap with chain, 72.5" tether pipe & roof eye-bolts
  • Preferred vs fence:
    • Easier access for cleaning
    • Avoids snow drifts created by fences
    • More contact with calves... easier to train show animals and heifers
    • Lower cost... faster to set up, move & store
  • Sturdy chain (4'L with 3/16" thick links) glides along length of galvanized pipe (1-1/4" dia x 14 ga.). Pipe is mounted under center ridge of roof, using a 3/8" x 2-1/2" eyebolt (furnished), on each end. Eye-bolts can also be used for lifting hutch.
  • Chain movement is usually restricted to inside of hutch the first day (to allow calf to adapt to restraint system), or when weather is cold. Insert clevis pin (furnished), through a hole in pipe at center of hutch. Simply remove pin and reinsert in pipe hole nearest door, to allow calf to walk outside.

Hay feeder with door

Sturdy, poly construction. Bolts to inside side wall of hutch toward rear— includes side door & latch, plus 3/8" dia. solid aluminum hinge pin (access opening will need to be cut in side wall)

Bedding door

Extra, side door for adding bedding. Usually installed toward rear of hutch. Includes side door & latch, plus 3/8" dia. solid-aluminum hinge pin (access opening will need to be cut in side wall)


2 or 3-quart, poly bottle with soft rubber nipple

Fence attachment hardware

Includes two rods (1/2" galv. tube) plus four eyebolts (3/8" x 2-1/2" and 1-1/2") with nuts and washers

Storm door
  • For very cold/windy climates
  • Sturdy, poly construction
  • Quickly installed or removed

(No. AGRI-1132)

Hanging Fence Feeder
  • Adjustable, poly-gate controls feed-flow rate
  • Holds 3-day supply of calf feed
  • Hinged cover
  • Poly construction