9", 11" and 13" Widths

Easy setup, low maintenance gives you more free time for everything else in your life!

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Conveyor with safety shields removed
  • Better engineering
  • Stronger construction
  • Smoother, more dependable operation
  • Wider choice of accessories
  • Lower cost
Heavy-duty, full-width cross shaft and chain final-reduction drive standard on all conveyors.
* * * * * * * * * * *
Flights are closer spaced and have wider, steel backs than many other brands... for faster feed delivery and minimum rideup.
* * * * * * * * * * *
Heavier-gauge pan than most other brands
Boot guard with agitator guard
E-Z Open Cleanout Hole with swinging door
Cleanout Door open
Single chain galvanized conveyor
  • Loyal elevators are preferred for their rugged but simple construction - they provide economical and smoother, more trouble-free operation for years and years of hard use
  • Designed for efficient, low-cost handling of silage, haylage, wet corn, cob corn, small grains and coarse ground feeds, meals, manure, canning waste, sawdust shavings and other materials
  • Includes three-sided sliding incline hopper, top-slung sliding motor mount and required belts (farm-rated T.E.F.C. motors optional)
  • Set up and ready to go (just mount motor and install safety shields). We test-run each conveyor before shipping.
  • Special design enables us to provide any length up to 12' in ONE PIECE - eliminates time consuming bolting by customer. Can be easily lengthened at a later date