Features & Construction
DON'T BE FOOLED! Important Conveyor Chain Information We've seen imported chain with a very-low tensile strength being marketed. The tensile strength on 667H imported chain we had tested was only 5,500# versus 9,500# on the domestic chain that we sell. Avoid the "horror-stories" of premature chain-failure and accelerated, sprocket wear from imported, low-tensile chain. We offer domestic, high-tensile chain... and at a lower price!
  • Heavier-gauge, rust-resistant galvanized-steel construction resists forage acids for longer life
  • Sturdy, detachable or pintle conveyor chain is tempered hard for longer wear
  • High-grade, corded-rubber 'plow contour' flights are reinforced with rugged steel brackets — flights are closer spaced for faster, higher-capacity feed delivery with minimum rideup
  • Conveyor-chain take-up (bolt type) located at discharge end. Fast and simple to adjust — up to 2" adjustment — few turns of two nuts are all that is required. Doesn't affect roller-chain drive adjustment
  • Enclosed, lower trough for clean, chain return and extra strength
  • Heavy cast-iron, drive and idler shaft, conveyor-chain sprockets — sprocket design helps prevent material buildup between chain and sprocket
  • Bronze, pillow-block bearings with grease fittings — resist forage acids for longer life. Two bearings, not just one, on each idler, drive and cross shaft to reduce wear on sprockets, shafts and bearings.
  • Heavy-gauge steel fixed boot — equipped with water drain holes to help prevent freeze-up in cold weather
  • Sliding motor mount may be set at any point along top elevator flange (underslung mounts also available)
  • Replacement pan or trough easily slips over existing pan or outside bottom trough, without having to replace sides of trough (pop rivet or tack weld to existing pan or trough)
  • Wider choice of accessories to custom-make a one-man feeding system. Available with transports, motors, declines, covers, special hoppers, hoods, downspouts and diverters
  • Simple but sturdy angle iron connecting joint used for longer lengths — strongest structural design available.
  • Furnished on elevator lengths over 14' (for ease of delivery). Factory installed at any point along elevator - specify location (usually at midpoint for easiest handling). Also furnished on shorter length elevators, at no charge, if requested.
  • Joints constructed of sturdier angle iron — prevents bowing, twisting and bending — eliminates stretching. Stronger than flat connector plates.
  • Simple to connect — joints bolt to each other quickly.