Replacement Conveyor Belting

Belt Top Surfaces



PVG BELTING (Extra-Cold-Temperature — to minus 40°)
Greater Chemical & Cracking Resistance than PVC

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Installation Tool (RSC187-6) holds fasteners securely on the belt and in proper alignment while guiding staples as they are driven. It also provides an anvil surface for initial clinching of the staples.

Installation Tool (RSC187-6) is designed for new-style (RS) Ready-Set™ Fastener Hinges — staples have been pre-inserted in hinge top plate.
You can easily convert your traditional C187 tool by ordering No. ST5-5 Blocks below
(see page bottom).


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*Includes hinge plates with pre-inserted staples, hinge pins and washers.
Note: Use #125 Staples for 100 to 150 P.W.I. (rated strength per inch of width) belt.

How to convert traditional C187 Tool to install new Ready-Set™ Fastener Hinges (with pre-inserted staples).

1. Press down on steel clamp bar and unscrew cam lever. Remove clamp bar.
Note: For C187 or C187-4 tools which do not have clamp bars, simply press down on guide block and unscrew cam lever.

2. Lift off old guide blocks (green) and replace with Ready-Set™ guide blocks (yellow). Replace clamp bar.

3. Press down on clamp bar or guide block, insert cam lever and tighten. Tool is properly adjusted when cam lever(s) is in "down position" and guide block/comb assembly is flush on anvil (see inset).