Advanced Rubber Chemistry
Remains Softer... Lasts Longer
Over Ten Years of Successful Use!

Extra-thick... for better
cushioning... much more insulation
than traditional cow mats

Special air-channel design
gives added softness...
quick drainage

  • 1-5/16" cushion comfort — features excellent protection against abrasion and udder injuries — plus surer footing
  • Special anti-slip surface design — provides non-porous surface — superior traction
  • Air-channel design on underside of mat reduces bacteria-forming moisture buildup from condensation
  • Cows will spend more time lying on vulcanized mat ... and eating ... for increased milk production
  • Saves 80% or more bedding
  • Easy to install — anchor on front end only — requires three TAP8100 and three F803575. Measure 3-3/4" from top and sides of mat — use 1/4" masonry bit and drill holes through mat into cement. Center third anchor between two corner anchors above (mat can be cut to size with a reciprocating portable saw, i.e., Sawzall).
    Note: No space required between mats...you can butt them up against each other.