Dobro Cow Mat - DB 1.4

For Free Stalls

Dobro Cow Mat - DB 1.4
DLG Fokus Test
Mild Slope
  • Mild slope (rear 1/3 of mat)... promotes drainage
  • Advanced rubber formulation... increased cow comfort
  • Pebbled top surface... anti-slip... non abrasive
  • Ribbed bottom surface... better cushioning and softness
  • Sealing lips (bottom surface perimeter)... Restricts entry of moisture and debris
  • Beveled rear edge... soft, safe non-stumble design
  • Easy to install... predrilled anchor holes... anchor front end only.
    Requires three TAP8100 anchors and three F803572 washers
  • Dobro tie-stall warranty... None
  • Dobro free-stall limited warranty... 10-year prorated

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