COZY COW® Top Wear Cover

For Use Over Rubber Filled Mattresses
Affordably Priced
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Nonwoven (high-strength)
  • Water-Repellent — Polymer Coated (consistent thickness). UV Stabilized to resist sunlight — more UV blocking pigment used (provides greater protection in free-stall applications)

Poly Brisket Board

The Perfect Accessory For Your Cow's Stall
  • Smooth, rounded surface — protects dew claws — permits natural leg extension
  • Won't splinter like wood
  • Less expensive than poured-cement brisket boards
  • Special joint design — extruded tongue provides solid support... allows ends to butt together vs overlap, for a tighter fit
  • Simple to install... with 7-anchors on each side (use TAP 6999B Steel Perma-Grip Anchors — 1/4 x 1-1/2")
Poly Brisket Board
1/4 Inch Thick, Super Tough Poly

Competitive Pricing!

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Cozy Cow Mattress, Brisket Board, and Accessories price list

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