Poly Holddowns


For mangers — feed-alley side. Keeps feed in manger — reduces spillage into feed-alley by up to 90%. Also used as END HOLDDOWN (at ends of mangers to prevent feed and juices from getting under liner. Can be shaped same as joint holddown)


Use at joints, if any. Can be shaped to fit round gutter by softening in pail of hot water for 1/2 hour


(for mangers)

If you choose to anchor liner, poly holddowns are recommended for securing liner in mangers and feed bunks, rather than lagging liner directly to floor with nylon nail anchors (especially when 1/8" liner is installed). Holddowns are lagged about every 1' and where cement is uneven, for a tight fit. The liner is not lagged and is free to expand, without pushing on nail anchors and humping. There are no nail anchor heads protruding from liner to interfere with cleaning.

Holddowns require fewer nail anchors, cutting installation costs. Holddowns prevent feed from entering and building up underneath liner. Should water pond under liner and possibly create musty odors, the liner can be removed for drying manger, simply by pulling liner out from underneath the holddowns.

Holddowns are high-density, long-life polyethylene. Unlike wood, they won't absorb moisture nor feed (which causes bacteria buildup, resulting in feed souring and musty odors).

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Poly Liner - Holddowns

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NYLON ANCHOR with zinc-plated, steel nail
(generally used with manger liner)

Use masonry bit same diameter as anchor (with a hammer drill — available at most rental shops), and drill holes into cement (holes in poly only should be drilled 1/8" oversize). Drill holes 1/4" deeper than anchor, since dust tends to go back into holes. Insert nylon anchor body in hole and tap gently until head of anchor body is set tightly against polyethylene (dip anchor body in liquid soap first to make job easier). With several sharp hammer blows, drive nail into nylon anchor body to expand. The slotted nail head provides for removal of threaded nail and anchor.