Smoother and Harder
Super Slick— Wears Like Mild Steel— Won't Crack
  • Parlor & Milkhouse Walls
  • Horse Box Stalls
  • Feed Carts & Bins
  • Gravity-Flow Boxes
  • Feeder Wagons
  • Dump Trucks
  • Snow Plows
  • Makes old mangers, walls and equipment better than new
  • Extends life of any new surface — protects from chemicals, moisture, and wear
  • Will not harbor bacteria — keeps feed fresher longer. Cows lick smooth surface clean
  • Glassy-surface prevents freezedown — no material to chip away — reduces chain stretching... increases chain life
  • Prevents materials from sticking to rusting metal
  • Self lubricating — cuts energy consumption by up to 30%
  • Dampens noise levels — you will notice the difference
  • Easy to install — cut and drill like wood — use nail-anchors, elevator bolts, sheet-metal or wood screws, or pop rivets to attach to most surfaces
  • UV stabilized to resist sunlght
  • Proven performance — used in industry for years
  • Long life — 20-year accelerated testing showed no noticeable change in physical composition or color