Swivel Hopper Puts Material Where You Want It
Saves Feed And Cleanup Time
Super-Tough, Low-Cost Poly Won't Rust or Crack — Even at Extreme Temperatures!

Directs silage and haylage into conveyor, cart or mixer. Prevents feed losses. Ends problems from flying material. Eliminates feed hang-up on bottom silo rungs and rings, and on electrical equipment. Keeps feed room clean.

   The Poly Silo Hopper helps prevent silo-chute updrafts of warm, moist, bacterial-laden air from livestock and of feed dust (which hangs up in silo chute and in the silo, including the unloader). Also helps prevent entry of rodents and insects.

 Simply pull out like a drawer for easy access into silo chute. Takes only seconds to remove and replace — no attachment to silo chute needed.

Deep throat design handles high-moisture corn and even haylage with no plugging.

Slick, smooth surface for fast discharge. (Other fiberglass brands may have a rough, textured, inside surface which slows discharge and can cause plugging.)    Hopper bottom quickly swivels right or left — up to 220°.


Extra-Long Guide Legs — use only where bottom of silo chute is high above ground and poly silo hopper can't be reached. Allows you to climb up to silo hopper, push it away from chute and out over extra-long legs, so chute can be entered. When exiting chute, hopper can be quickly pushed back over chute. Optional extra-long guide legs must be installed at a level higher than top of operator's head to avoid eye or head injury.

Poly Extension Pipe (12" dia. x 30" L) — available in slip-together lengths.