Low-Cost Way To Keep Silo Chute Clean!
Improved Twist & Lock Collar
  • Simple to install in doorway (with clean-chute tube all the way to bottom of silo chute)

  • Smooth and slick — won't plug

  • Super-tough poly funnel won't rust or crack — even at extreme temperatures. U.V. stabilized to resist sunlight

  • More durable than fiberglass

  • Flange can be easily cut with any wood-type saw to fit your silo door

A Corner can be easily notched for silo unloader

B New twist 'n lock collar

  • Clean-chute tube secured with stainless clamp
  • Simply twist and lock collar to funnel
  • No need to remove tube from collar when changing silo doors

C New botom collar with stainless clamp holds tube in place

UPS Shippable

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Poly Clean-Chute Funnel price list

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* Shipped as "oversize" package