Extends Life Of Rusted-Out Silo Chutes
Super-Tough, Low-Cost Poly Won't Rust or Crack — Even at Extreme Temperatures!
  • An economical and easy way to repair rusted out silo chutes

  • Simply unroll and pull up silo for seamless one-piece, economical installation

  • Slick, smooth surface provides fast feed discharge — prevents feed hangup — silage won't cling to finish

  • White poly liner will function for chute skylights... by cutting 12" square holes in steel chute every 6'

  • Poly liner is extremely tough — resists cold, and warpage. UV stabilized to help withstand sunlight (through holes in old chute)

  • High-strength polyethylene (pronounced poly-ethel-lean) is lightweight and much more durable than steel or fiberglass

  • Long-Life, high-density poly is non-porous — resists moisture, silage acids, feed additives and other chemicals

  • Superior performance has been proven — used for years in heavy-duty industrial applications (meets FDA Regulation 121.2501)

  1. Use a chalkline and strike a center line from the top to the bottom of the chute.
  2. Mark the center on both the top and bottom end of each liner.
  3. Beginning at the bottom of chute, install first liner, Line up center markings on liner with chalkline on chute.
  4. Secure liner to chute using standard 3/4" length self-drilling and tapping, hex-head screws as required — insert through liner into chute using a screw gun (liner can also be pop-riveted to silo chute).
  5. Install screws about every 8" to 10" along both sides of liner.
  6. Install remaining liners, lapping joints 1" in direction of feed flow (to prevent feed hangup).
  7. Cut top piece of liner, if required, using any standard power or hand saw.
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Poly Silo Chute Liner price list

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