Keeps Heat Inside - Keeps Out Weather, Dust & Flies
See Through... Walk Through... Drive Through
Vinyl Strip Doors
  • Overlapping, flexible vinyl strips part easily - but just enough to let people, animals, and equipment through - then close automatically

  • Clear vinyl - for safer 2-way visibility

  • Light filters in easily - brightens building interior

  • Use on any size opening... from your dog house or milk-room door... to your feed room, barn or machine-shed door (as high as 14' and any width)

  • Excellent low-temperature flexibility

  • UV stabilized to prevent yellowing and cracking

  • Low cost... quick and simple to install

  • Low maintenance... clean occasionally (individual strips can be quickly and inexpensively replaced if ever damaged)

  • Thicker, heavy-duty vinyl - resists bruising - retains it's shape

  • Some budget buyers install vinyl strips to avoid the cost of a permanent door


Every-other strip is reversed when installed. The strips' concave-convex curvature will form a good, energy-saving thermal seal, but spread apart easily for passage.