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Calf Pen

Ultra Flex-Pen

The latest in calf pen design!
Injection Molding process makes these free standing calf pens lighter
and easier to handle, without sacrificing durability!
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Start your calves off right in the Ultra Flex-Pen.

As the operator, you have the choice of housing calves individually or grouping them together with one system. Separate water and feed buckets, and molded calf dividers help prevent cross contamination. Larger rear vents allow greater air flow to provide a fresher, cleaner environment for calves.

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  • Panels are lightweight for easy setup, tear down, and cleaning without jeopardizing durability
  • Bio-secure
  • Thanks to the EZ-Glide Connection Tabs & Hinges, setting up the new self-aligning panels has never been simpler.
  • Ultra rear-rotary venting has no steel wire that rusts, fully adjustable air flow, and no separate parts to store or lose
  • Individual pens interlock together for a clean line of calf spaces
  • Side panels have integrated sliding vents for additional air flow control and meets European regulations
  • Center panels can be removed to create a group penning option
  • New front door swings both inward and outward for more flexibility
  • New large door handle makes opening and locking simpler
  • Ultra tough, non-metal door frame made with a structural compression molding process.
  • 10-Year Warranty
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