Takes Half the Lime and Tenth the Time!
Easier to operate lever-action handle controls side-gate
barn limer
  • 65 Ib. capacity hopper — will lime average 120' barn
  • One trip up-and-down 8' walkway will completely cover it
  • Large, rugged cast-iron drive sprockets — No plastic sprockets to strip or corrode
  • Large 10" spreading disc spreads evenly — prevents excessive dusting
  • Ends sweeping after liming
  • Slide-gate control on hopper easily adjusts to regulate rate of flow
  • Heavy-gauge steel hopper — tapered for full feedout
  • Heavy-steel rotating agitator — no wire nor plastic agitators to twist, bend or break
  • Heavy-gauge, square-tube handle. 70% more flexural strength than comparable round tube. Hopper reinforced with thick plate across full-width of hopper where handle attaches
  • Rolls smoothly on two 8" x 1.75 semi-pneumatic tires
  • Easy to push - equipped with E-Z grip handle
  • Grease-zerk fittings on spreader shaft and on drive axle... for longer life
  • Bright-red enamel finish — powder coated for corrosion resistance

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barn limer price list

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