Multi-Use Tine Harrow

Renews Soil... Naturally!

Raking action removes dead residue...providing better air, water and nitrogen penetration to roots...recycles rich, organic materials evenly back into soil...for vigorous, full growth.

All-Season Tool

SPRING - stand matted grass up to stimulate rapid green-up, pull leaves out of low spots, loosen thatch buildup, aerate lawns before feed & seed (then harrow afterwards to speed fertilizer penetration and increase seed germination), prep seed beds (then work in & cover fertilizer and seed).

SUMMER - break up soil crusts on new seed beds without damaging young plants, rake pastures regularly to scatter manure droppings and stimulate grass growth, lift up crabgrass runners and heads so mower can cut; rake & smooth dirt paths, gravel driveways and athletic fields.

FALL - shred dry leaves, aerate and dethatch lawns, minimum till.

WINTER - fluff/smooth snow on trails, breaking-up ice crust.