(Wall-Mount Exhaust Fan)

Comparing Apples To Oranges?

Don't get fooled - some desperate fan manufacturers are advertising their fan CFM/watt and CFM, but are not disclosing that those performance numbers are at non-real-world .00" S.P. vs. .05"S.P. (as listed on electric company rebate lists).

Some are advertising "highest CFM/watt", but are not disclosing that it is for low vs. high speed and for .00" S.P. vs. .05"S.P.

Some are also comparing the price and performance of their fans WITHOUT a shutter to ours WITH a shutter.

Demand straight talk!

REMEMBER - the higher the efficiency (CFM/watt), the lower your monthly electric bill. The higher the air volume (CFM), the fewer fans you'll need to buy. Don't make the mistake of buying an inefficient, low-volume fan when you can have a top-rated Loyal fan for less money!