(Wall-Mount Intake Fan)

Why This is the Best Fan-Drive-System!
Designed for Extended Use (Not a light, noisy 3-wing fan!)
Less Vibration — Longer Bearing, Shaft, & Belt Life
Whisper-Smooth Operation

Unmatched rigidity — A in/out, B up/down, and C side to side

D High-strength, 1-1/2" square tubing — thicker-walled 11 ga. 70% more rigid than comparable formed-angle, channel or round-tube mounts

E Sturdy, 5-wing blade eliminates "helicopter" sound produced by 3-wing blades.
Less noise = less animal stress."

F Thicker, reinforced, all-welded fan-blade hub (not 'stamped' steel)

G Tube-mount set back 6" from blade...to maximize quietness

H Thicker 12 ga, oversize motor/bearing plate...with formed-angle lip for added strength...heaviest on market. Welded (not bolted) to tube mount.

 I Deep-drawn, 14 ga venturi — for better air flow

J Tube mount is bolted to venturi with eight-3/8" bolts (grade 5) and nylon-insert lock nuts

K Heaviest fan on market — 48" cone fan weighs 345 lbs.

L Matched 'Browning' cast-iron pulleys

  • High-strength, low-stretch, longer life ... simply remove the links to adjust tension (no wrenches required).

  • Eliminates the need for hinged, motor mount and spring-loaded belt tensioner ... avoids stretched belts from motor-bouncing ... causing motor-mount hinges and spring tensioners to wear out ... which causes even greater motor bouncing and shortened belt, bearing and shaft life.

  • Elimination of hinged, motor-mount and spring tensioner also provides better pulley alignment ... longer belt life.