More Standard Features

NEW... Industry-Exclusive, 3–In–One, Swing-up, Rear Door. Vent... Bed... Feed... all from one door at rear of hutch.
  • Door swings out of way (can be left open)
  • Sliding-grill-vent ... adjust from fully-closed to wide-open
  • Easier access... with ATV or truck
  • No handles... snaps shut
Most advanced ventilation system on the market
  • Full front-to-back air flow for maximum cooling relief
  • Oversize vent openings
  • Smooth-surface walls, plus wider ribs with gradually rounded corners, eliminate dead spots
  • Feed calves faster
  • Reduces pneumonia and vet bills
NEW... Superior Ventilation Design... For Maximum Air-Flow
Optimal Inside Temperature & Lighting
  • Snow-white-poly reflects sun’s heat. Completely opaque — stops sun’s heat & UV rays from entering the hutch.
    Brighter interior... calves eat more... and grow faster.
  • Avoids heat buildup and the big temperature swings common in translucent units — UV blocking pigment eliminates the greenhouse effect
  • Maintains optimal natural temperature... plus a lighter, healthier interior
  • Doesn’t need to be located in the shade
Poly Manger with "White" Pails
More Standard Features
  • Pail Stopper — keeps pails in Manger bolts to right or left inside wall (under feed door).
  • Designed with built-in, double-pail holder
  • Two 8-qt., rugged poly pails included
  • White vs. black pails offered — calf starter usage will begin in 1-2 days vs. 4 days for black pails
  • Inside manger location protects feed... allows calves to continue eating, regardless of outside weather
  • Manger positioned to keep sleeping area clean and dry

Splash Guard molded into manger — helps keep feed dry, water clean

Two, Built-in Bottle Holders
  • Front and rear bottle holder
  • Included at no extra cost
  • Located for easy access
  • Predrilled 1-5/16" hole (for nipple to slide through), in holder opposite feed manger... to help keep feed dry
Choice of Left or Right Side Feed Door
  • Group hutches side-by-side for faster feeding
  • Alternate right-or-left-side doors to reduce walking between hutches by 50%
  • Side door is larger for easier access — wind won’t blow open-door closed
  • Sturdier, non-binding hinge pin — solid aluminum (3/8" dia. x 26-1/2"L).
Virtually Indestructible
  • High-impact, UV stabilized, high-density, virgin poly
  • Solid, 1-piece, molded design (using state-of-the-art technology) — easier to sanitize, stack and transport
  • Ribbed construction, plus arched roof, adds even more rigidity... better wind resistance
  • Impervious to manure acids and disinfectants
  • Excellent resistance to cracking, punctures & warping... no rough edges
  • Extremely tough — resists damage from sun, heat & frost (won't freeze to ground)
  • Outperforms and outlasts wood and fiberglass hutches — lowest true cost