Super-Tough, Low-Cost Polyethylene
Won't Rust, Pit, Dent, Puncture nor Crack Even at Extreme Temperatures!

11 Bushel, 20 Bushel

26 Bushel

14 Bushel, 7 Bushel

NOTE: Bushel capacity rating of Loyal carts is based on a level load. Many other brands require a heaping load to obtain their rated capacity.

  • High-strength polyethylene (pronounced poly-ethel-lean) is lightweight and much more durable than plywood, steel or fiberglass
  • Superior performance has been proven — used for years in heavy-duty industrial applications (meets FDA Regulation 121.2501)
  • Long-life, high-density, food-grade poly is non-porous — resists moisture, silage acids, feed additives and other chemicals
  • Extremely tough — resists heat, cold, sunlight and warpage. Excellent stress cracking and puncture resistance — even at extreme temperatures
  • Thick-walled, seamless one-piece hopper is extra strong and leakproof — no corners nor seams for feed or bacteria to harbor in
  • Ribbed construction adds even more strength and rigidity to sides
  • Easier to sanitize — slick, smooth surface both inside and out, wipes or washes clean in minutes
  • Special, rounded-bottom design for faster unloading and dumping. No sharp corners nor seams to catch forks, shovels or scoops
  • Rugged, all-welded, bolt-on, steel frame for solid support. Powder coated for corrosion resistance.
  • Wheel brackets attach to frame, not to hopper, to prevent stress on and breakage of hopper.
  • Rust-resistant, stainless steel, truss-head bolts and fender washers are used for attaching hopper to frame
  • Rolls smoother on big, semi-pneumatic or air tires with grease fittings. Heavy-duty rolling bearings, not lighter ball bearings, used on all air-tire carts
  • Carts quickly turn in a stationary circle on large, rugged, swivels with grease fittings
  • Quieter operation — rounded poly edges prevent damage to your doors, stalls and walls — reduce noise
  • 7 and 11 bushel carts are ideal for narrow alleys or sharp turns

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Poly Tuf Feed Cart price list

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* Do not exceed the lower of maximum bushel capacity or load rating (cart's bushel capacity will decrease as lbs. per bushel of material being conveyed increases). Operator should never load cart with more weight than can be safely handled.

** Four-wheel carts are required for use over rough, uneven floors and for moving heavier loads (for greater stability).