Multi-Use Tine Harrow

Ideal for Horse Owners... Hobby Farmers
Tows Behind an ATV or Lawn Tractor
Handiest Implement You'll Ever Own!

Pull forward, with tines pointed slightly back


Pull backwards, with tines pointed further back


Turn over


Rake & smooth in 1-pass.
Sections work independently

Use alone... or behind farm implements for 1-pass coverage with your ATV, lawn tractor, tractor or pickup (only requires 1 HP per ft. of width for the mini-harrow... 2 HP per ft. for other models)

  • Scatter manure droppings
  • Aerate & dethatch pastures, lawns
  • Loosen & smooth paths and driveways
  • Fluff, dry & level tracks, ball diamonds, etc.
  • Break up & level heavy soil
  • Prepare nicer seed beds
  • Work-in fertilizer & seed
  • Incorporate herbicides
  • Gentle, "first" cultivation
  • Minimum till — stalks, crusts & ridge
Optional 3-Point Lift

(fits category 1 three-point hitches)

  • Enables harrow to be quickly and easily moved to & from fields
  • Allows operator to back up with harrow
  • Easy to attach & store
  • Includes tubular-steel frame, chrome-plated chain lengths and required hardware (shipped unassembled)